Hi. I'm Apollo Jain.

I’m currently a 5th-year Master’s Student at UC Berkeley, where I also did my undergraduate degree. I am currently working on two research projects. The first, in the UCSF Bove Lab, deals with creating better neurodegenerative disease diagnostic tools using signal processing. The second, in the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory, deals with optimal placement of grid infrastructure. I’m working on a number of sub-projects, including projects involving convex optimization and statistical modeling. I am also serving as a Teaching Assistant for EE16B.

In the past, I worked for Salesforce, Tesla Motors, and Palantir. I also served as Chief Technology Officer of the Associated Students of the University of California (Berkeley's Student Government) and co-founded Robotics at Berkeley.

In my free time, I enjoy tinkering, lifting weights, cooking, dancing, boating, and playing pick-up sports. Hit me up if you want to grab coffee and chat!