Hello World!

I'm Apollo Jain.

I'm an aspiring software developer studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley. I'm interested in the application of my skills in alternative energy, healthcare, and educational technology.

Over the years, I've gotten the opportunity to do a lot of cool stuff, including co-founding my university's Robotics Club, serving as Chief Technology Officer for my school's Student Senate, and working at awesome companies like Tesla and Salesforce. In my free time, I enjoy cooking desserts, reading books, and making music.

Of course, another thing I love to do in my free time is coding. You can see some of my work under the Projects tab. I will also be eventually writing some tutorials.

Want to get into contact with me? Feel free to send an email to apollojain@gmail.com! I'd love to sit down for some coffee and discuss anything from algorithmic trading to dank memes. Oh, and feel free to check out my resume!